Are We Looking At The BMW i5?

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Has BMW lost its mind?

A Chinese website,, has allegedly procured official patent images it claims come from a BMW filing with the Chinese trademark office. Local media suggests this odd-looking three-door concept is a fuel cell vehicle, while others have jumped to the conclusion what you're looking at is the BMW i5. Frankly, we'd be stunned if BMW followed up the beautiful i3 with something so hideous. But the fact these images exist suggests the Bavarians are up to something out of the ordinary.

Previous rumors suggested the i5 would be based on the Chinese market long wheelbase 5 Series. The powerplant was said to be something resembling that in the 5 Series GT hybrid concept, employing an eDrive technology system that combines a 218 horsepower gasoline engine with two electric motors for a combined output of 640 hp. So if this isn't the BMW i5, what is it?

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