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Are We Spying A 911 Targa Or A Cabriolet?

Is it a Targa disguised as a Cabriolet, or just a Cabriolet?

We know that there is a Targa version of the Type 991 Porsche 911 bowing soon, probably at Frankfurt next month. This fact lends credence to the claim made by the user posting this video that the car we see here testing at the Nurburgring is a Targa. Now, it certainly looks like a Cabriolet, but the Cabriolet is already out, and this isn’t a Turbo, so is this a Targa with a bit of fake Cabriolet roof? You would have to admit, it’s the perfect disguise.
There is definitely something going on with the back section of the roof, although it would be difficult to say for certain that this is definitely a Targa. What do you think?

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