Are You Afraid to Drive a Vintage Car in NYC?

People don't typically drive their cars around the Big Apple. Then again, car guys aren't typical people.

Anyone who’s ever lived in New York City knows that driving there can be a bit of a hassle. Or even a massive headache. It’s usually best just to take a cab or use the subway. It’s the Big Apple after all. Then again, driving a vintage Porsche 911, Alfa Romeo, or even a VW Bug around town can be fun, maybe even classy. For these NYC residents, one of their life passions is driving. Part of the idea of a car is where you go, the opportunity to explore something new.

Driving does make things more difficult, but in a way that’s part of the experience. When that car is an adored classic, the experience of traffic and other city obstacles can be even more intense but it's all a part of the charm.

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