Are You Bold Enough To Turn Your Subaru BRZ Into A Baja Racing Truck?

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There's no going back from here.

Whatever Rain Prisk's deal is, it has nothing to do with practicality or holding back. Maybe this artist is a desk jockey who vents their primal side with the design pen that cuts away at the smooth lines of a sports car, supercar, or SUV and turns it into a butchered Frankenstein-like creation. How else can they explain things like the BMW pickup truck, off-road Ferrari FF, or a Bentley Bentayga that's had its wheels replaced with tracks? Boredom or insanity is how.

Rain Prisk's latest bout has brought this interesting creation to life and given the artist's other creative ventures, we're hardly surprised by it despite its relative impracticality. Resting on large off-road tires is a Subaru BRZ, likely the last car you'd think of when choosing a ride with which to attack the Rubicon. Obviously there's a lot of work that needed to be done in order to get this thing even halfway practical for the imagination's consumption, including adding plastic cladding to the underside of the body, auxiliary headlamps to the roof, and beefy suspension seen in the gap between wheel and fender. On the inside we can spot a roll cage that's sure to keep occupants safe if all goes wrong.

The effect is stunning to say the least because instead of looking bulky, the Subie keeps its sporty nature. Even with such large tires, the BRZ has a squat to it that gives the impression it might still be good in the corners. With a stance that's been widened (how are large off-road tires supposed to fit in small wheel wells anyway?) the BRZ looks like it could double as a movie car for Mad Max. The only other modification we hope Prisk would make to this hypothetical Baja racer is under the hood because we suspect that the 200 horsepower its 2.0-liter boxer-four engine makes isn't up to the task of powering those huge wheels.

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