Are You Living In The State That Punishes Speeders The Strictest?

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Avoid this state at all costs.

Financial information website WalletHub has just compiled a list of the best and worst states to get a speeding ticket in. Okay, so it's never good to get a speeding ticket but some states are a lot tougher than others. Each state was given points based upon a variety of factors, including the presence of absolute speed limits (exceeding the speed limit by "x" miles equals a reckless driving conviction), the use of speed cameras, the penalties for a reckless driving condition and laws prohibiting racing on highways.

In terms of overall ranking Colorado ranked as the worst state for speeders and Texas was the "best." Rounding out the top five was Arizona, Delaware, Illinois and New Mexico. The bottom five consisted of Mississippi, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Utah and Texas. When it came to the harshest states against speeding, Alabama was the top dog. The state most lenient to its speeders was Wyoming, which likely deals with more speeding horses and cows than drivers. Before you run off to go speed in Texas note that these are the cars that get ticketed the most and these are the drivers who get busted the most.

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