Are You Ready For A 600-HP Mercedes-AMG GT R?


Because it's coming.

Mercedes-AMG is on a roll, well sort of. The newly christened automaker is expanding at a rapid rate, which can be taken as a good thing, or if you're a die-hard purist, a bad thing. Either way you cut it, there is some good news out of the Mercedes-AMG camp: The automaker has confirmed a more track-focused, hardcore variant of the AMG GT supercar. And it should be here by summer. According to an interview with head of Mercedes-AMG Tobias Moers and Top Gear, the hardcore variant will be a completely different animal.

"The new GT R will set a new benchmark in terms of driving dynamics," Moers stated. The AMG boss also took time to comment on how the current iteration of the twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V8 in the AMG GT isn't being used to its full potential and that the track-focused version will introduce "the next performance level of that engine." Top Gear expects it to put out roughly 600 hp and while that sounds like the sweet spot, the new model won't just be an amped-up supercar. "It will be faster on a racetrack than even the SLS Black Series," Moers said. There's also a AMG GT Black Series in the works, but "it's too early to talk about that." While the AMG GT R will be here soon, there's a lot more in store for Mercedes-AMG.

Now that the new E-Class is out, Mercedes-AMG plans to put out an E63 soon. "It's mandatory that we have around 600bhp in the E-Class segment," Moers stated. "So expect something like that." The sedan should also have sharper steering, more noise and tuned suspension. Since the entire class of "43" AMG models don't get a host of new parts from the company, it looks like AMG is trying to make the true AMG models a little crazier. While 600 hp sounds like a lot for both vehicles, Mercedes-AMG isn't planning on engineering cars with just big numbers. "Power output is something," stated Moers, "there's a certain level in every segment you have to meet, because otherwise you're not interesting for customers."

But just pushing in that direction and diluting the driving dynamics is the most stupid thing you can do," said Moers. It's safe to say that busy times lay ahead for Mercedes-AMG. And with the rest of the industry looking towards hybrids, it looks like the company will too. "This is our responsibility regarding the company, regarding the brand, and regarding our future," Moers stated. "So it's natural that we are working on electrification, hybridization of the performance powertrain." Exciting times lay ahead for Mercedes-AMG and it's high-performance models. That is, for the cars that actually wear a "GT" or "63" badge.

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