Are You Ready For The Most Important Chevrolet Debut Since The C7 Corvette?

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For that matter, is the Mustang?

One week from now you'll know what it looks like without any camouflage. All those past renderings will no longer be relevant. This coming Saturday, May 16, Chevrolet will be hosting the official debut of its all-new 2016 Camaro at the Belle Isle island park near Detroit, Michigan. It's actually a day-long celebration which, if you were lucky enough to score tickets, will be open to about 1,000 guests. So, what can we expect to see this weekend (unless leaked images come out sooner)?

For starters, the sixth-generation Camaro will definitely look like a Camaro, as its styling is more evolutionary than revolutionary; it essentially picks up right where the outgoing fifth-gen car left off. That means it'll have a low and wide look, but it'll also ride on a more updated rear-wheel-drive platform shared with the Cadillac ATS. Chevy engineers claim they've made several modifications to that architecture specifically for tailored to the Camaro's needs. It'll weigh about 200 lbs. less than its predecessor. And yes, a V8 will once again be on offer. Full details are expected in less than a week. You should be excited.

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