Are You the New Porsche Macan Turbo S?

Spy Shots

And do you have over 400 horsepower?

There’s no question Porsche has a hit on its hands. For those who’ve always wanted a Porsche SUV and felt that the Cayenne is too larger and perhaps too expensive, the new Macan is likely your answer. Porsche has even described it as just as much a sports car as it is a small crossover. Yes, it can handle some off-road duties, but that’s not what it was designed to do entirely. No, the Macan is also a pure performance machine.

At launch, just two trim specs are available in the US: S and Turbo. Both come with turbocharged V6s, but speed freaks may want to wait a little while more before buying.

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Coming straight from the Nurburgring is this spy video showing a camouflaged Macan Turbo undergoing testing. But we think it’s the Turbo S. What other reason is there for Porsche to hide a car that’s already been revealed? If the Turbo produces 395 horsepower, the Turbo S ought to be well over 400 hp. We may see an official reveal as early as this September at the Paris Motor Show.