Arena Reveals Ford Focus WTCC Edition

Special Edition

Arena Motorsports brings its Focus touring car to the street with a new limited edition model.

Just about anywhere you go in the world, you're bound to see Fords competing in a variety of racing series, from NASCAR to NHRA drag racing, from Grand Am to V8 Supercars and from the World Rally Championship to the World Touring Car Championship. The latter is where Arena Motorsports fields a competition version of the Ford Focus under the Team Aon banner, and has now released this special edition hatchback available for public consumption.

The WTCC edition is based not on the Focus ST hot hatch but on the more common Zetec S model. Arena has handed over the 1.6-liter EcoBoost four-cylinder engine to Mountune (Roush's British arm) for an upgrade in the form of its MP200 package that boosts output by 21 horsepower and 52 lb-ft of torque to a total of 199 hp and 236 lb-ft. Arena also gave the Focus a set of 18-inch Rimstock Pro wheels with Yokohama Advan Sport rubber, a stainless exhaust upgrade, tinted glass, a blue-striped white racing livery and an interior upgraded with carbon fiber trim and more, all of which are aimed to give the special Focus a racier look and feel.

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The resulting Ford Focus WTCC Limited Edition is earmarked for "global" availability, though we assume that means everywhere but North America - particularly since the 1.6-liter EcoBoost Focus on which it's based isn't sold here. The World Touring Car Championship did, however, make its way to the United States this past September with a race at Sonoma, so who knows what enthusiasm might drum up.