Ares Panther Evo Is A Lamborghini Huracan With Pop-Up Headlights And Retro Styling

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Ever wanted a Lamborghini Huracan with pop-up headlights? Ares Modena has you covered.

Italian coachbuilder Ares Modena has revealed another tribute to the iconic De Tomaso Pantera, turning a Lamborghini Huracan Evo into a Pantera tribute with carbon fiber bodywork, retro styling, and pop-up headlights. Meet the Ares Modena Panther Evo.

Ares Design revealed the Panther ProgettoUno in 2019 as a tribute to the iconic De Tomaso Pantera of the '70s, and the Panther Evo continues this legacy.

The fresh take on the retro-styled supercar merges classic design cues with modern engineering. The updated Panther retains the overall shape, LED strip DRLs, and engine bay louvers at the back from the ProgettoUno, including the pop-up headlamps we love.

While Ares doesn't explicitly confirm the use of a Huracan as the base for the Pantehr Evo, it cites the Lamborghini-derived 5.2-liter V10, and its 103.1-inch wheelbase is a dead ringer for the Huracan Evo.

Ares Modena Ares Modena

Speaking of the V10, it's not left in the same state as when it leaves Lamborghini's hands, and a new ECU tune and exhaust system help bump outputs to 640 horsepower and in excess of 443 lb-ft of torque. Employing the Huracan's seven-speed DCT and all-wheel drive with a mechanical limited-slip diff, it nails the 0-62 mph dash in 3.1 seconds and surpasses 202 mph at its top end.

The Evo version sports significant visual updates compared to the original, particularly with the new mirror caps and the restyled rear end. The new LED taillight strips look cleaner, while the center-mounted dual exhaust finishers are mounted higher and replace the quad tailpipes on the first version's bumper - yet another change derived from using the Huracan Evo as the base.

The updates extend to the cabin - the upholstery has been refined, while the rest of the interior has been "meticulously handcrafted," according to Ares. The steering wheel is now a two-spoke item, while the digital instrument binnacle and dash vents are given a square treatment, mimicking the portrait-orientation touchscreen, replete with Lamborghini graphics.

Ares Modena Ares Modena

Despite the appearance of an H-pattern shifter in the middle, the Panther Evo is still DCT-only. That H-pattern design is actually Ares Modena's patented H-pattern selector, which acts as a visual homage to the original Pantera.

"The Panther Evo was a project I had dreamed of since I was a child - the reimagining and refining of the iconic 1970s De Tomaso Pantera," said Dany Bahar, Co-Founder & CEO of Ares Modena.

"The Ares Panther is the perfect blend of old-school charm and charisma, underpinned with an iconic modern chassis, and clothed in full carbon. The car features a ground-breaking, Ares-designed and developed adaptive transmission that can switch between automatic and semi-automatic for different driving experiences with an authentic, retro feel. The car is a hugely important foundation stone for the company as our product portfolio continues to expand."

Ares Modena Ares Modena

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