Ariel Atom Can't Handle Smoking Hot Dayanis

The iconic track car is the perfect instrument to frighten sexy girls with, except this Atom seemed to prematurely blow its load (of gas).

It’s a car that famously pulled Jeremy Clarkson’s flabby jowls around the back of his fat head. So you can imagine what the Ariel Atom can do to a well-stacked model as it flies through the gears. What we didn't expect is what would happen to the Atom and it's driver with such an obviously distracting person in the passenger seat. The proceeding footage shows hot brunette Dayanis Garcia being taken for a ride in the British-built Ariel Atom, which, if it’s the top-of-the-line supercharged V8 model, is capable of 0-60 mph in just 2.5 seconds.

While you’re focus will invariably be on Dayanis being squashed by Gs, spare a thought for the teenage driver, who at just 16 should be commended for concentrating on the track and not on the rack.

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