Ariel Atom is the Ultimate Track Toy

Amazing on the road, even better on the track.

Since its debut, the Ariel Atom has not only blown away some of the most exotic and expensive supercars in the world, but also anyone that has been lucky enough to drive it.

With its exposed lightweight frame and a suspension tuned by Lotus, the Atom's inspiration comes from single seat racing cars. But unlike those, the Atom is street legal and is without question one of the best experiences any driver will have behind the wheel of a car. Forget that it has no roof, windshield or doors. Concentrate instead on the fact the 600kg car comes with as much as 500hp. Car and Driver take out the Atom 300, the 300hp model, which is good for 0-60mph in less than 3 seconds. With sticky tires, high performance brakes and a fully adjustable suspension, this is the ultimate track day car.

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