Ariel Atom Pits in Central London

Ariel Atom receives a full changeover at London intersection while sitting at the lights.

It’s notoften you see an Ariel Atom cruising through central London. So the car,complete with racing driver, was always going to draw attention from bystanders. What makes this sighting extra special is that it receives alightning-fast pit stop while idling at the Oxford Circus intersection by acrew from the Ariel Atom Cup. In less than the time it takes for the lights togo green, all four wheels are changed and the open-wheel machine goes on itsway.

The Atom Cup is a UK-based racing series, similar to the Porsche Cup or Lamborghini Trofeo, with the first race to be held at Silverstone next month. Cup-spec Atoms will compete at eight tracks with new bodywork, rollover cage, Ohlins dampers and Yokohama racing slicks.

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