Ariel Nomad And Ford F-150 Raptor Compete For Supremacy In The Desert

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This may be one of the few off-road competitions where the Raptor is the underdog.

Coverage of the new Ford F-150 Raptor has been extensive given how well the previous rendition of Ford's ultimate truck was received, however the Ariel Nomad is a bit more ambiguous than its off-roading counterpart. As a niche off-roading toy from the UK automaker better known for its track cars, we only get rare glimpses of the Nomad, with brief appearances in the past with Rory Reid as the driver. Regardless of how cool it looks, we're more curious about how it stacks up against other proven off roaders.

There is of course a massive difference between the F-150 Raptor and the Ariel Nomad given that one is a heavy and daily drivable pickup truck while the other is a weekend plaything that likes to get frisky without pavement but can't hold a grocery bag to save its life.

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In this comparison there are none of those nonsensical tests that rewards the jack of all trades in the group. Instead, the F-150 Raptor is kept in Baja Mode as it's launched into the air with every skip and bump in the road, a direct antithesis to the slow and methodical off-roading we typically see with heavy off-road vehicles. And then there's the Nomad, which interestingly looks like little more than a rugged roll cage with an engine strapped in, almost as if the driver and passenger seats were a luxurious afterthought. Interestingly, this may be one of the few off-road competitions where the Raptor is the underdog, albeit one that can hold its own against a purpose-built off-roader.

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