Ariel Reveals Upgraded Atom 3.5

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The ultimate road/track car has just been given an added dose of awesomeness. We want one more than ever.

It's not often that an updated Ariel Atom comes out, so the occasion is certainly one to relish. Particularly considering that it's one of the most extreme performance machines on the road. And today is one of those days as the small British track-happy carmaker has revealed the first details of its new Atom 3.5. The base naturally-aspirated 2.0-liter Honda iVTEC engine from the Atom 3 remains untouched at 245 horsepower, but the supercharged version has been fitted with a new ECU, fuel system and intake to boost power from 300 hp to 310.

Ariel has further enhanced the uber-lightweight track car with a new digital LCD dashboard display with a data logger that displays lap times. There's also a G-force calculator and some cool F1-style gearshift change-up lights. Since Ariel surprisingly found a growing number of its customers driving their Atoms on a daily basis, it gave the Atom a restyled hood, triple-lens headlights with LED indicators and full LED taillights. More personalization options are also available, and the chassis benefits from upgraded dampers and engine mounts. Pricing hasn't been announced yet, but the Atom 3.5 is expected to hit dealers shortly.

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