Armed Gang Use Porsche Panamera in Failed Kidnapping Attempt

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Watch the action as passing motorist captures armed gang attempt to drag someone out of a car.

Yesterday, somewhere in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev, a gang of armed robbers dressed like security guards was caught on camera firing shots and attempting to remove a driver from their car. Few details are currently known about the incident. However, it's apparent the criminals arrived at the scene in a blacked-out Porsche Panamera, using it and another car to block in their victim. Numerous attempts to try and remove the driver end in failure, despite shots being fired and the car windows' smashed.

The car finally escaped the attempted kidnapping/ car jacking and a rear passenger fled on foot. The gang then casually entered the high-performance sedan and drive off. Police are yet to piece together what happened, but confirmed no-one was injured in the attack. Skip ahead to 1:40 to see the drama unfold.

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