Armored 2022 Toyota Land Cruiser In Development

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Makes an assault rifle look like a pocket pistol.

The all-new Toyota Land Cruiser 300 may not be coming to the USA, but in other parts of the world where it's already available, the modifications have begun.

The most interesting mod so far comes all the way from South Africa. A company called SVI Engineering, which specializes in armored vehicles, will develop an armored Land Cruiser 300 within two short months.

According to SVI Engineering, the 300 was destined to receive armor plating. The Land Cruiser 200, known simply as the Land Cruiser in the USA, was one of their most popular products in South Africa.

The engineering timeframe of two months might seem short, but SVI Engineering is well-equipped for the task. In fact, the new 300's lighter weight and aluminum construction will make the task easier.

Driving Front Angle Toyota

To begin with, SVI will strip the interior down to the bare metal. After that, they'll use a three-axis measuring arm and 3D scanning tools to create a CAD model of the vehicle.

From there, lightweight composite material in key areas will be added to keep the weight down while still retaining the ability to stop rounds fired from assault rifles like the AK47, R5, and R1. While not as advanced as the President of the USA's Beast, it is an impressive level of protection.

SVI states the development will take around two months to complete, after which the Land Cruiser 300 will receive a B6 rating. A B6 rating is as high as you can go in South Africa without a special permit. SVI's most insane product is the Troopy, which is built on the chassis of the 79-Series Land Cruiser.


The additional layer of protection consists of 1.5-inch armored glass, steel plates, and composite materials. SVI estimates this will add around 1,300 lbs of weight, but the new twin-turbocharged V6 and turbocharged V8 diesel should have no problems coping with the additional weight. SVI will upgrade the suspension to cope with the extra weight, however.

The cost of upgrading a Land Cruiser 300 to B6 specification is around $63,000, excluding the price of the SUV.

This might seem a tad excessive, but South Africa is known for being a violent country, and Toyotas are at the top of the average car thief's shopping list. SVI also does a popular conversion of the Ford Ranger and South Africa's best-selling vehicle, the Toyota Hilux. In case you don't know, the Hilux is the Tacoma's smaller brother.

Ford/SVI Engineering
Ford/SVI Engineering
Ford/SVI Engineering

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