Armored and Stretched BMW 760 Xli High Security by Armortech

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For those that find the long-wheel based armored 7-series simply not long enough.

Russian tuner Armortech has built a stretched XL package for the long-wheel based BMW 760 Li and High Security models. Dubbed the BMW 760 XLi, the new 5.21-meter version offers the rear passengers up to 50cm more space as well as some added protection. The pictured car is the BMW 760 Li High Security that thanks to some VR7/VR9 armoring has a curb weight of 4,185kg. Around 2,000kg of armor plating made from special steel and safety glazing is installed in the luxury sedan.

It can be found in the doors, roof, pillars, front footwell, and in the separation wall between the passenger and luggage compartment. Despite all that weight, it still manages a top speed of 130mph and can shift from 0-62mph in 6.2 seconds for a fast getaway. Other cool features include an intercom system with concealed microphones and speakers, and a gun case with compartments for two machine guns in the center console (a special option for governments, embassies and authorities). The stretched armored cars are to be pitched to Russian Chinese clientele, who are renowned for their love of long cars and unnecessary levels of protection.

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