Armored Cadillac Escalade Will Keep You Alive For $350,000


For when you have known and unknown enemies...

You could just buy a new Cadillac Escalade and call it a day. Despite new competition from Lincoln, the Escalade remains a seriously luxurious large SUV that can easily handle off-road excursions. But now a Wyoming-based company offers owners the chance to take their Escalades to a whole new level of crazy. AddArmor, for a starting price of $350,000, will build you what it calls the "Executive Protection Package Escalade," a blacked-out Escalade featuring state-of-the-art security and completely customized, private jet style interior.

Buyers will receive European B6 Level armor, meaning the vehicle can withstand velocity hits from 30-06, 7.62, and .556 munitions. The glass even features a multi-layered combination of polycarbonate and leaded glass that also acts as transparent armor and is able to withstand 9 mm and 0.44 Magnum rounds.


This ballistic glass can also handle physical attacks from blunt objects like bats and cinder blocks. In addition, there's an optional Full Protection Package that upgrades the ballistic windshields with anti-fog/de-icing elements, embedded antennas for GPS and radio frequencies, and solar-control coatings. In the past, vehicles with this level of armored protection were slowed down because of the thick steel body plating.

Clearly, that's not good when the driver is trying to make a fast getaway, but AddArmor claims its carbon composite panels are not only 10 times stronger than ballistic steel but also weigh 60 percent less. The SUV is also equipped with a heavier-duty suspension and larger brakes for improved stopping power.

Then there's the interior, which is more than luxurious. The photos shown here represent just one example of what the company's coachbuilding team can do. There's a 32-inch high-definition smart TV integrated into the retractable divider, while a 360-degree camera system and iPad obscure the gun ports. Of course, there'd be gun ports. Passengers can also enjoy onboard WiFi, DirecTV, Apple TV, and HBO.

An anti-jamming satellite communications system, night vision, counter-attack sound cannon, active mine/explosion detection, and a global "911" phone and data system are also possible. Interested but can't afford the $350 grand? AddArmor says its security packages start from as low as $28,000. Protection on the move doesn't come cheap.

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