Armored Equus for UN Sec-Gen

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The head of the United Nations needs to be safeguarded from harm, and Hyundai has stepped up with an armored limousine.

New York has had its share of assassinations. Malcolm X was shot there with a shotgun in 1965. John Lennon was murdered in front of his Manhattan apartment in 1980. Israeli leader Meir Kahane was gunned down outside the Marriott in 1990. The list goes on, but the point is that a high-profile public figure - a world leader especially - needs to take precautions on the streets of New York. For UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon, that means an armored Hyundai Equus. Which makes sense, since both car and leader both come from South Korea.


In order to protect the head of the world body, the flagship Hyundai sedan (which was recently facelifted) has been beefed up by German armoring expert Stoof International, which reinforced the Equus to a VR7 ballistic rating that ought to protect the UN sec-gen from assault rifle fire. As a result of the armoring process, the finished vehicle reportedly weighs in at a massive 8,448 lbs, which needs to be schlepped along by the Equus' standard 5.0-liter V8. In other words, Ban Ki-Moon won't be getting anywhere in a rush, but he should be arriving in one piece.

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