Armored Hummers Are Just Too Easy to Blow Up

Why? Because it weighs 13,000 lbs. and has just 190 horsepower.

The AM General Humvee first began development in the mid-70s and finally entered US military service in 1984, replacing the then ancient Jeep. And for a time it was the ultimate military vehicle. Thanks to its size and width, the thing just had huge presence everywhere it went. Whether it was liberating or invading a country (isn’t that the same?), the Humvee was a symbol of American military might. Thing is, it’s not particularly fast or powerful and is easy to blow up with those nasty roadside bombs. So what to do?

Add tons of armored plating, which makes the thing even slower. To combat this further, turbocharging is in order. Check it out as Motor Trend’s Jonny Lieberman compares a stock Humvee to a Banks Humvee, the latter of which comes with some major and life-saving upgrades.

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