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Armored Mercedes S-Class Guard Enters Production

For when your life is worth 1 million Euros.

Mercedes-Benz has just announced it has commenced production of the S-Class Guard,an armored version of the luxury sedan offering VR9 levels of protection. Thecar will be hand-crafted in Sindelfingen, Stuttgart, Germany, joining additional uber-safemodels built by the company such as the M-Class and G-Class SUVs and the E-Classand S-Class Pullman armored sedans. The Guard models will all be built in S600 guise, offering safety combined with high levels of luxury.

With 5 cm thick steel plates wrapped around the cabin and a 10cm thick windshieldthat weighs in at 297 lbs, the S-Class guard offers protection from variousmilitary firearms, including hand grenades and similar explosives. Peoplesuffering from such afflictions on their daily commutes should expect to payupwards of $435,000 for a base Guard, with the Brabus S-Class Pullman starting from$1.34M.

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