Armored Nissan Patrol Is One Of The World's Toughest SUVs

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It can withstand a 360-degree attack from assault rifles, including the AK47.

SVI Engineering has revealed what may just be the toughest Nissan Patrol in the world, a full-size SUV badged as the Armada in North America. Equipped with SVI's B6 discreet armor, this particular Patrol provides the maximum standard of civilian protection available without the need for a special permit.

SVI is based in South Africa, and we were fortunate enough to visit the specialists last year to discover more about its respected expertise in building armored vehicles, especially in a country that is vulnerable to carjackings and other crimes. But as with most other armored cars, discretion is the name of the game. There is no obvious way to tell that the Patrol provides 360-degree B6 protection against assault rifles like the AK47, R5, and R1.

SVI Engineering SVI Engineering SVI Engineering

This one also comes with B6 floor armor as an option, and a special SVI bullbar is available too. SVI says that the strong ladder-frame construction of the Patrol makes it ideal for B6 protection, as is the case with the Toyota Land Cruiser.

"Like the popular Land Cruiser 300, the Patrol has a storied history and serves as the brand's longest-running nameplate today," said Nicol Louw, SVI Business Development Director. "With a legacy stretching back more than seven decades and a robust ladder-frame construction, the latest Patrol was the obvious next recipient of our comprehensive B6 bullet-resistant package."

The B6 protection package uses custom-fabricated armored steel plates, high-grade 38-millimeter ballistic glass, and composite materials. Saving on costs and weight is the rear bulkhead which has been integrated behind the second row.

SVI Engineering SVI Engineering SVI Engineering

SVI executed several suspension upgrades to help the armored Patrol cope with the extra weight, and it must be a heavy beast considering that the stock Nissan Armada 4x4 in the USA already weighs 5,918 pounds. Like its US-spec sibling, the armored Patrol has a 5.6-liter V8 engine producing 400 horsepower and 413 lb-ft of torque, and SVI says it's strong enough to deal with the additional weight.

Excluding tax and options like a PA system and heavy-duty run-flat tire rings, the Nissan patrol 360-degree B6 armor will cost the equivalent of around $58,551. A cheaper B4 package that provides protection from handguns up to .44 Magnum will go for around $43,065. Again, though, these prices exclude the local government's 15% Value Added Tax (VAT).

If the worst happens, there are definitely less comfortable and less attractive places to be than inside an armored Nissan Patrol.

SVI Engineering SVI Engineering SVI Engineering

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