Armored Porsche Cayenne Ready to Kick Some Eastern European Butt

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With the capacity to withstand multiple rounds from a high-powered rifle and the ability to fire bullets and mines, this is no ordinary Cayenne.

Armored vehicles are not as rare as they used to be. It seems that from pop stars through drug runners to government contractors, people from all walks of life and from across the globe deem a defensive weapon to be an occupational necessity. What makes this particular vehicle different (and dangerous) is the fact it was commissioned to have plenty of offensive capabilities as well as defense armoring to protect it from the likes of small arms fire as well as rocket-propelled grenades.

The weaponized Porsche Cayenne was built by International Armoring Corporation and retrofitted for offensive weapons by Red Jacket Firearms (of Discovery Channel's Sons of Guns fame). First up they took a Porsche Cayenne Turbo and added bullet-resistant transparent armor to the glass areas, before armoring the body, roof and floor with a ballistic composite material and ballistic steel. A cargo box concealing two remote-controlled M-16s, holding 100 rounds a piece, was then fitted to the roof, giving the car plenty of forward facing firepower.

To deal with any trouble from the back, a third M-16 was hidden behind the flip-down license plate, while aerial threats can be neutralized using two 3-inch steel tubes capable of firing Claymore-like mines from the back of the tailgate.

The firepower is controlled from a central control panel, which is concealed in the Cayenne's stock console, giving both the driver and passenger access to fire the weapons as they see fit. Finally, seven cameras were mounted to the Cayenne's exterior, running feeds straight to the navigation system so if under attack, occupants can keep their heads down while seeing what the deal is outside. Given the unnamed Eastern European client wanted the Cayenne in order to "engage on their job assignment without exposing themselves," this was an essential feature.

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Although you'll need a specialist license to drive a weaponized Porsche, in theory anyone can buy one. So, if you're looking to overthrow a small government or start your own version of the A-Team, get together $157,500, plus the price of a custom weapon system, and start to fulfill your psychopathic ambitions.

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