Armored Reconnaissance Vehicle Being Used as Taxi in St. Petersburg Because Russia

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Decommissioned tank has an actual legal permit to be used as a public taxi. The mind boggles.

Finished in a dashing shade of strident red – just in case the fact it's a TANK wasn't enough to catch your eye – this decommissioned BRDM-2 Combat Reconnaissance and Patrol Vehicle is being used as a taxi on the streets of St. Petersburg and nobody seems in the least bit bothered, because Russia. In fact, there was some resistance at first, with city authorities initially refusing to grant the armored vehicle a public taxi permit.

But they soon came around when it was agreed the BRDM would get a new shade of paint, something more civilized than the camouflage pattern it previously wore. Red was chosen to help it stand out from the city's yellow taxis.

Obviously the turret machine gun has been deactivated, which is a shame as that would have come in really handy during rush hour. The interior boasts leather upholstery, electric windows and passengers are protected by 14-mm thick armor. Here's the kicker though – a ride in this thing is 5,000 rubles or around $90. Plus, certain streets in the historical center are a no-go as it weighs a massive 7,900 kg. But it can travel on any terrain, including water, which is convenient for those living across the river when the bridges are out of use.

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