Arnold Swaps Hummer for Unimog

Free from pressure from California's hippies, the former governor of California looks for an even bigger truck.

Body-building legend, actor and former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has been known in the past for his love of big SUVs. Having been one of the first civilians to buy a Humvee, the man affectionately known as the Governator has finally traded in his Hummer for something a bit bigger: the Mercedes-Benz Unimog. Captured on the streets of Santa Monica by, the "Expendables 2" star is pictured driving around in his new $250,000 truck.

Arnold's Unimog has been specially-adapted for use on the street by German firm Mertec as it is usually used for more utilitarian (or military) purposes. The Governator stood out so boldly on the streets behind the wheel of the Unimog that one young lady in a cowboy hat, evidently smitten by the pairing, on the front brush guard. No word on how Ah-nold pulled her off.

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