Hydrogen Car

Around The World In 125 Days

Mercedes-Benz is very proud of their hydrogen-powered B-Class F-Cell. Rightly so too, since their 'sandwich' fuel cell has been greatly improved since its launch in 1998 and is now probably the most advanced (and smallest) in the world. The B-Class F-Cell has the kind of range that we've come to expect from a normal gasoline-powered car and can operate at low temperatures without suffering from diminished range.

It can also be refueled in the same amount of time as a gasoline car. This means that, unlike battery EVs, the F-Cell isn't a massive step backwards in practicality. To demonstrate this practicality, Mercedes will be sending three drivers on a trip around the world in a B-Class F-Cell that gets underway on January 30th. Each driver will be covering 18,500 miles and will be returning to Stuttgart in the beginning of June. The trip will take 125 days and will also commemorate Mercedes' 125th anniversary.

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