Arrest Warrant Issued For Dallas Cowboys Player Following Corvette Crash

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December is getting ready to catch up with Sam Williams.

Following a crash that destroyed Dallas Cowboys' rookie Sam Williams' new Chevrolet Corvette on December 22, the Plano Police Department in Texas has issued a misdemeanor arrest warrant for reckless driving for the football player.

"You're looking at the [totaled] car like, man, but God works in mysterious ways," he said. "I know He has something in store for me," said Williams after the crash, and he was right. According to TMZ, the warrant is for reckless driving, and a police spokesperson told the publication, "at this time, there is no plan to find and arrest" Williams ... as the 23-year-old football player "has been contacted to turn himself in."

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However, police also say that if Williams is stopped before he turns himself in, "he would be arrested then."

The original report says that Williams' Corvette was T-boned. Williams said at the time, "I was driving straight. All I remember is that previous car went by really fast without yielding. And then I was driving straight. I guess another car went and I looked over and I was getting hit from the driver side."

It may simply be a question of the speed Williams was doing. He had, apparently, recently picked up his now totaled Corvette from a dealership.

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Neither Williams nor the driver of the black Infiniti was seriously hurt in the crash, which is a fantastic testament to modern car safety systems, judging by the photos. Williams was held back for the Cowboy's December 24 game as a precaution.

There's no telling what an arrest will do for his starting position in the Dallas Cowboys, although it's worth remembering being arrested doesn't mean somebody is guilty, and at the time of the accident, police didn't suspect alcohol or drugs were involved. Also, players have come back from far worse than a reckless driving charge where nobody was seriously injured. There are also far safer ways for NFL players to ruin great cars.

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