Arrinera Hussarya Breaks Cover


Poland's first supercar gets a name and a rash of details.

Polish startup Arrinera Automotive hit the headlines recently when a local journalist accused the carmaker of attempting to deceive potential investors, claiming the new supercar was nothing more than a Lamborghini replica with parts-bin components from other cars. Company CEO Lukasz Tomkiewicz refuted the allegations, insisting that the car was built independently and designed in-house. The company also brought British sportscar-maker Lee Noble on the board, promising that a revamped model would soon break cover.

And here it is. The revamped design of the Hussarya (not be confused with Pagani's Huayra), has been 14 months in the making. Its formed was shaped largely by aerodynamic principles applied in the Warsaw University of Technology's aeronautical engineering labs. "Arrinera Hussarya was created for automobile enthusiasts with a passion for fast and beautiful cars," notes CEO Tomkiewicz. "For enthusiasts searching for intense emotions and a massive dose of adrenaline combined with the practicality of everyday solutions. With just a little extravagance mixed in for good measure."

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Since the prototype was unveiled, a glut of changes have been made. The mid-engined supercar's cockpit and doors were redesigned, the wheel arches have been extended and the suspension has also been raised slightly to make it more usable. Power comes from a supercharged 6.2-liter V8, the same LS9 unit that sits in the Corvette ZR1, with 650 hp and 605 lb-ft of torque. Not enough? Arrinera says more power can be provided upon request to drive through the Graziano gearbox. Considering that the Hussarya weighs only 1,300kg, the 0-62 run is claimed to pass in just 3.2 seconds.

Arrinera says 125 mph will then come in 8.9 seconds, and the quarter mile in 11 seconds flat, with a top speed quoted at 213 mph. In the coming weeks, Arrinera plans to unveil an even more exclusive 33 Series with distinctive body and interior styling. Following road and performance tests, the Hussarya is scheduled for market introduction by the end of 2013 in both left- and right-hand drive configurations carrying a pricetag in the region of $160,000.