Art Basel Displays Supercars Transformed into Art Cars

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Graffiti artists use exotics as their canvases.

Call it fine art. Call it graffiti if you prefer. Whatever you go with, there's no question these supercar exotics stand out from their stock counterparts. What you're looking at are supercars on display at Art Basel, a gathering of work done by contemporary artists from around the world. It's held three times a year in three locales: Miami, Basel and Hong Kong. Earlier this month, the Miami event took place where the art of the automobile was the highlight.

Artists such as Rich B. Caliente (who wrapped LeBron James' Lamborghini Aventador), Alex Mijares, Alec Monopoly, and Mr. Brainwash (artists have been known to give themselves unique names) had their supercar art on display. Check out their creations in the gallery ahead. Would you drive around in public in any of these? Really, why the hell not? A supercar is a supercar.

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