Artega and Roding to Reveal Roadsters in Geneva


The German sports car makers will be unveiling new roadsters at the Geneva Motor Show.

A pair of German sports cars will make their debut at the Geneva Motor Show early next month, the first of which is the Artega. The convertible variant of the Henry Fisker-designed GT sports car is something fans have been waiting a long time for. Dubbed the Artega GT Roadster, it will house the same 3.6-liter V6 as the hardtop and come with similar performance figures.

Although unconfirmed, this would mean around 300hp, a 0-62mph time of 4.8 seconds, and a top speed of 168mph. The recently spied Roding Roadster 23 is the second model that, like the Artega GT, is a two seat mid-engine sports car. The Roding however boasts a carbon-fiber chassis and weighs in at just 950kg, and is powered by a BMW turbocharged six-cylinder engine producing 320hp and 295lb-ft of torque. A manual six-speed transmission will transfer power to the rear wheels. Once the cars are unveiled at Geneva we'll report back with more details and pictures.


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