Artega's New Owners Aren't Resuming Production

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We've got good news and we've got bad news. The good news is that Artega has a new owner. The bad news is it won't be restarting production of the Artega GT.

Some news we're happier to report than others, but the July announcement of Artega's bankruptcy left us particularly sad. In the Artega GT, the small German upstart had a fantastic-looking sportscar on its hands that seemed to blend the best elements from an Aston Martin and a Porsche Cayman. Unfortunately it wasn't meant to be, though. Whether with reason or without, we were optimistic that Artega might find new investors to jumpstart production again.

Artega did find a new buyer, only that new buyer apparently has no plans to restart production at all. Artega's new owner is German OEM parts supplier Paragon AG, which provides electronic systems of various kinds to automakers. Apparently it has bought Artega, however, to make use of its workforce and facility, not to carry on producing the delicious little GT. Statements indicate, however, that existing Artega GT owners will still be able to get parts and support from the repurposed outfit.

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