Artist Applies Dazzling Paint Job To McLaren Artura

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The special piece makes use of an eye-catching resin application.

The McLaren Artura currently exists as the British sports car maker's electrified supercar offering that benefits from hybrid technology derived from the now-iconic P1. The supercar uses a smaller twin-turbo V6 powertrain but thanks to the help of an axial flux e-motor, it can deliver a combined power output of 671 horsepower and 530 lb-ft of torque.

The development was a large stepping stone for the brand, which has been in the news for falling on hard financial times. Regardless of the hurdles it may need to overcome, McLaren is still intent on celebrating its creations. An example of this is seen with the reveal of its all-new art car on which it has used the Artura as a canvas. In case you were wondering, art cars aren't exclusive to Porsche or BMW despite the Bavarians being the best known for it.

McLaren McLaren McLaren

The unique and eye-catching design is a collaboration between the brand and UK-born abstract artist Nat Bowen. For this art car, Bowen has applied her signature multi-layered resin medium to the example that will be on display at the ME Dubai hotel until March 31. McLaren explains that using the Artura as a platform was a logical choice because the piece represents the themes of 'Art' and 'Future'.

The splash of colors applied by Bowen isn't just random. It has been inspired by a subject of psychology that pays close attention to colors, commonly referred to as Chromology. Visualizing this is a collection of translucent resin pigments that can adapt to, reflect, and absorb light. McLaren explains that with this trait, the Artura art car will become a natural part of any space it is placed in.

McLaren McLaren

Market Director of McLaren Automotive Middle East and Africa Mohamed Fawzi says, "We are delighted to have collaborated with Nat Bowen to showcase the all-new McLaren Artura featuring her signature multi-layered artwork in the iconic surroundings of the ME Dubai. The exhibition received phenomenal reception from the attending guests and allowed us to successfully engage with the extremely passionate art community in Dubai and the rest of the Middle East region."

Nat Bowen adds, "It has been an honor to work with McLaren Automotive on this exciting concept and display it as part of my first solo exhibition in Dubai. My goal was to provide a truly immersive experience and transport the visitors into a meditative state away from everyday distraction, as well as allow them to further explore and develop their relationship with color".

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