Artist Blows Up Lamborghini Huracan To Make NFTs

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Destroying art to make worse art.

These days, reality isn't stranger than fiction, it's floating somewhere in a different galaxy. Despite all the madness in the world right now, people are still finding creative ways to make the rest of us doubt humanity's claims of being sentient, intelligent beings. Take NFTs for example. These digital "artworks" have taken the internet by storm, and what started out as people buying images of cartoon monkeys has spiraled out of control. The latest NFT stunt making the headlines is by artist Shl0ms who just blew up a Lamborghini Huracan, and he's planning on selling the footage for a good cause. Many major vehicle manufacturers have joined the NFT craze, including Porsche and Nissan, but none have taken things this far.
Shl0ms/Twitter Shl0ms/Twitter Shl0ms/Twitter Shl0ms/Twitter

We've seen some pretty wild stunts pulled for internet fame, like the time Tuomas Katainen decided to blow up his Tesla Model S, but he didn't try to blatantly profit from the show. Shl0ms on the other hand plans to sell off clips of him destroying a Huracan. A total of 999 parts of the deceased Lambo were collected and will be sold off as part of the NFT launch.

Each buyer will get a small section of video along with a destroyed part of the car, and it is said that the full video will eventually be launched for everyone to watch. So the people buying the NFTs are clearly getting a pretty raw deal. Bidding will start at 0.01 Ether, which translates to about thirty bucks. The NFT artist had around 100 people help him pull off this stunt, and 111 NFTs were given to those volunteers.

Shl0ms/Twitter Shl0ms/Twitter Shl0ms/Twitter

Shl0ms claims that this stunt is a " general criticism of greed and short-termism in crypto" and plans to use the "majority" of the proceeds to fund different forms of actual, physical public art that all can enjoy. If we need to blow up Lamborghinis in order to fund actual art projects, then we need to take a long hard look at ourselves, but this cross contamination of real art with the digital world and the illusion of ownership is only set to grow bigger, and our realities are inevitably intertwined with it. As Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Zizek says; "as soon as we renounce fiction and illusion, we lose reality itself; the moment we subtract fictions from reality, reality itself loses its discursive-logical consistency."

Shl0ms/Twitter Shl0ms/Twitter Shl0ms/Twitter Shl0ms/Twitter
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