Artist Envisions World of Wheel-less Cars

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Q: Where would we be without the wheel? A: Not very far.

French photographer Renaud Marion's Air Drive series is made up of photos portraying what he thought cars would look like at the turn of the millennium when he was a kid. Having grown up watching the "Jetsons" and lived through such epics as "Star Wars" and "Back to the Future," films that gave false hope that one day cars would fly (or at the very least hover a few inches off the ground) he eventually realized wheels would always remain an essential part of an automobile.

And by removing the wheels off cars from throughout the automobile's short history including the Jaguar XK120, Mercedes-Benz SL and Cadillac DeVille - each with its own distinct design - we are forced to study their body and reach the conclusion that not only are wheels functionally essential but also play a significant role in a car's form and design. So while the idea of floating cars grabs the imagination, never forget the wheel, the invention that enabled humankind to move forward.

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