ASMA Design Massacres the Porsche Cayenne Turbo

After a long hiatus, ASMA Design has returned to offend our eyes with their Porsche Cayenne monstrosity.

Famed for their excessive tuning packages, ASMA Design has taken a Porsche Cayenne Turbo made it look as ugly as possible and given it a stupid name. The so-called Giant is as wide as it is hideous; with over-the-top styling that matches bizarre wide fenders and side skirts with an atrocious set of front & rear bumpers. Sometimes tuning packages are too conservative so kudos to ASMA for their unique approach which to be fair does include the use of carbon-fiber.

Although the respectable-looking 22-inch alloys look rather small given the car's wacky proportions. An extra 50hp has also been added to the 500hp Cayenne Turbo's power output which is handled by a custom exhaust system. Unfortunately this hasn't helped Porsche's classy SUV from being made to look like a lumbering bum.

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