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Aston Files Trademarks For DB10 Through DB14

Who's up for an Aston Martin DB11?

Last week we asked you what Aston Martin should call the DB9 successor. Thanks to Autocar, the list of possibilities has been narrowed down somewhat with the news the British carmaker has applied for the trademarks DB10, DB11, DB12, DB13 and DB14. The next DB model, which will come with all-new styling and an AMG-built twin-turbo V8, will hit showrooms in 2016. But it’s yet to be named. We know it will be a DB, and the smart money is that it will be followed by the number 10.

If Aston decides the car is a quantum leap forward then, as it has done in the past, the company may decide to skip a couple of numbers. We think the DB11 has a nice ring to it. The marketing guys, however, may insist DB9 will bring in the most buyers and keep the name unchanged.

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