Aston Martin 55' Voyage Boat Concept Unveiled

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"I'm on a boat, take a look at me, straight flowing on a boat on the deep blue sea." - The Lonely Island.

"I'm on a Boat" by the Lonely Island was filmed to poke fun of those that enjoy the luxurious nautical lifestyle. That's fine by us at the CarBuzz offices, as long as we get to tool around in the Aston Martin Voyage Boat Concept. Designed to pay tribute to the design lines of several classic Astons, like the Vantage, Rapide, Virage and DBS, the high-performance concept seen here would be able to cruise the high seas while looking just as good as you would cruising down the highways and byways.

Dubbed the Voyage, the boat would definitely be able to give you a taste of luxury as it measures in at 55'. The nautical creation by Luiz de Basto features a few Aston Martin details, like the headlights and cockpit design. It also features classic yacht perks like sun decks and water entry ports. Basto said of his design, "With the idea of not merely making a transposition of a car into a boat, like so many other boat designs that pay tribute to famous car manufacturers, the biggest challenge was exactly that, how to best feature the classic Aston Martin icon, the radiator grille."

He continued "Determined to maintain the signature element of the brand and constrained by the fact that boats don't have radiators by definition, the shape needed to be incorporated somehow. After several sketches it became obvious that the only solution was to shape the windshield like the radiator, so the well-known iconic shape has been harmoniously incorporated as a windshield." Aston Martin also dropped some knowledge on us about the boat: No plans are in place to actually produce the concept. Also, no word yet as to whether the British company will offer a nautical themed pashmina afghan.

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The bigwigs at Aston Martin have also requested this be written at the end of our piece: The various design features, trademarks and other materials containing intellectual property of Aston Martin Lagonda Ltd are used with the prior permission of Aston Martin and this design concept is not intended for production or any commercialization.

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