Aston Martin Abandons Plans for SUV

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Looking at the concept, that's probably for the best.

Following the news Aston Martin would soon be reviving the Lagonda nameplate, comes word that the British carmaker has ditched plans for an SUV. Speaking with Piston Heads, Design Director Marek Reichman was asked about Aston's SUV concept that debuted back in 2009 during the reign of former CEO Dr. Ulrich Bez. "That was a different time," he said. "It was Ulrich's time. And now we're in a very, very different time, with a different plan and with a different projection of what that brand should become."

As for the Lagonda badge, Aston wants the reinvented marque to be reserved for its ultra-exclusive, limited edition coachbuilt models. The first of these is strongly rumored to be based on a four-door sedan, with power coming from Aston's familiar 5.9-liter V12 paired to an improved eight-speed automatic gearbox. Production will be limited to around 100 examples. If all goes to plan, AM will likely unveil the Lagonda sometime this summer.

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