Aston Martin Can't Be Happy Someone Is Selling Their Valkyrie Build Slot


Welcome to the world of ultra-exclusive hypercar sales.

Selling build slots for ultra-rare hypercars is not uncommon these days, but what all automakers, from Porsche to Ferrari to Aston Martin, will agree on is that they hate it when it happens. You see, these exclusive brands offer only their very best customers build slots for cars like the LaFerrari, 911 R and the upcoming 1,000-hp Aston Martin Valkyrie. Build slots are a reward for loyalty, plain and simple. But loyalty sometimes only goes so far when there’s potential profit.

As such, an ad has now appeared on the German language website, via Knight International, for an Aston Martin Valkyrie build slot. The price: 3 million Euros, or $3,553,830. Clearly this sale has not been sanctioned by Aston Martin, so anyone who’s interested is advised to proceed carefully. They need to somehow confirm the build slot is for real. Interestingly, the ad mentions that Aston Martin originally required Valkyrie buyers to also purchase a Lagonda sedan. This is not an uncommon practice, being required to purchase one expensive car in order to buy an even pricier one. In this case, however, the ad claims whoever buys this particular build slot will not have to also buy the Lagonda.

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As for the Valkyrie in question, its body color and specs have yet to be announced, meaning the slot buyer may or may not be able to make personal preferences. The seller of this build slot remains a mystery, no doubt in order to avoid Aston Martin’s ire. Then again, this anonymity makes us wonder whether the whole thing could be a scam. Welcome to the world of buying and selling ultra-exclusive hypercars.