Aston Martin Channels James Bond, Heads to Alaska

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Aston Martin is channeling their inner James Bond and taking their Rapide to Alaska. They will run the Rapide from Anchorage to Deadhorse in order to show the durability and endurance of the car.

If you remember the James Bond film Die Another Day, then you must have loved the ice chase scene. Well, in my opinion it was the best scene in one of my least favorite Bond movies. So, of course when we got the news Aston Martin wanted to take their Rapide to Alaska I immediately started envisioning chasing North Koreans through ice palaces. Starting in Anchorage and making its way north, the Aston Martin Rapide is set to take its V12 on a 1,230 mile epic journey through the snow and ice.

Ending in Deadhorse, Alaska, Aston Martin wants to show the ability of the Rapide to adapt and handle extreme climates. The Aston Martin Vanquish which appeared in the movie was also a V12, but it was never put to the same tests as the new Rapide's V12. This is the real deal, going to within a few dozen yards from the Arctic Ocean should be extreme enough to please any skeptic. The road to Deadhorse is considered one of America's most isolated and desolate roads. The road travels through the Antiguan Pass, a section that crosses the Continental Divide and leads 4,739ft up-hill.

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