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Aston Martin Could Cause Trouble For Tesla, And Here's Why


Finally. An EV match-up that actually has our attention.

Without question Tesla set the EV benchmark when it launched the Model S in late 2012. Since then, no automaker has been able to produce a direct competitor in terms of range, luxury, and high-tech. Obviously that’ll change in the coming few years, and Aston Martin wants to be a part of that. According to several sources including The Wall Street Journal and Jalopnik, Aston CEO Andy Palmer said a pure electric sedan could go on sale within just two or three years.

He said the carmaker is "looking at technologies around the world, including some pretty cool technologies coming from Silicon Valley." And when Palmer says sedan, he’s referring to the absolutely beautiful Rapide. Picture it: a Rapide EV going head to head with the Model S. But Palmer and crew want an EV for other reasons, mainly because Palmer wants to "keep the V12 alive forever." That means meeting strict CAFE standards. "To do that you need something low emissions and there’s nothing lower emissions than an electric car." Aston is reportedly already looking at some early packaging studies, and it isn’t asking Tesla for help either.

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