Aston Martin DB10 Designer Reveals More Details About Next James Bond Car

James Bond

"I wanted this car to look like a hunter."

When Aston Martin said it worked closely with "Spectre" director Sam Mendes, it wasn’t kidding. The upcoming 24th film in the James Bond franchise is currently filming and the new Aston Martin DB10 will supposedly have a major role. This is according to a conversation Top Gear recently had with AM’s design director, Marek Reichman. "My interpretation of that was that Sam was talking about a brand-new DB5," Reichman claims.

“The DB5 is pure, it’s simple, it has a grille to die for…That’s what Sam wanted, for this to be Bond’s simple, pure Aston Martin, just like the original DB5 was.” And as many have suspected, the DB10 is essentially a V8 Vantage with a new body. Reichman did point out that “it has a longer wheelbase than the V8, and an incredibly wide track, almost the width of the One-77. The engine is exactly as you might expect, a 4.7-liter V8…but maybe there’s something there you won’t expect.” We honestly have no clue what Reichman is referring to here, but he also claims the DB10 will be a significant character in the film. We’re hoping that means gadgets. Lots of them.

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“It’s a modern interpretation of DB5. The association of Bond is with DB cars. Daniel’s (Craig) Bond is closer to the original, darker Bond. He’s very much an athlete, and I wanted the car to have a similar appearance. It’s a predator. I wanted this car to look like a hunter.” And no, production is still not happening. Just 10 examples are planned, and they will all be used and abused during the making of the film.