Aston Martin DB11 Successor Teased With All-New Infotainment System

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Aston Martin believes this car has no rivals, and with new infotainment, it might have fixed its biggest flaw.

Grand is not enough: That's the statement made by Aston Martin as it shares another teaser for an all-new hand-built car that purpots to be even grander than a mere GT. While its name has not officially been announced, CarBuzz did discover a trademark filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office a few months ago for a DB12, which we suggested could be the name for the heavily facelifted DB11 that is due.

Following the discovery of this trademark, Aston officially teased a replacement for the DB11, suggesting that this is more than a mere facelift. The claims that have been made about this next-generation DB are bold, with the automaker saying the car "will break free from the norms of the GT sector" while "creating a new category of one."

It's not clear how the new car will distance itself from "normal" GTs, but its design - at least, what we've seen so far - doesn't look as groundbreaking as the company's description.

Aston Martin
Aston Martin

Although the DB11 sits above the Vantage and is a superb GT, its general comfort and standard of interior materials were always good rather than exceptional and not quite at the level of the Bentley Continental GT.

The trio of teaser images provided shows one major upgrade - a new interior that seemingly ditches the Mercedes COMAND-based infotainment of current Aston products with a new low-mounted touchscreen in its place. This alone will bring the DB11 into the modern era. Whether it is MBUX based or something else is unknown, but at the launch of the DBX707, it was suggested Aston was working on an in-house system.

Then again, Aston has often successfully merged lithe driving dynamics with comfort, so we hope that this new GT doesn't go too soft. The company did say that this car and all new Aston models will usher in "pinpoint driving dynamics," so it's not as if an engaging driving experience hasn't been considered.

Aston Martin
Aston Martin

Technical specifications are still a mystery, but the new DB12 is expected to come with the familiar twin-turbocharged V8 from AMG, which makes 528 horsepower and 513 lb-ft of torque in the current DB11. Perhaps the DB12 will receive a slight spike in power, but it's unclear if this will be the case or if the even more powerful V12 will be carried over. Already, Aston is waving goodbye to the DBS V12 with the 770 Ultimate that was revealed in January.

This new DB12 will also be the first of eight new Aston models to be unveiled - and all within the next two years.

We'll know more when the new Aston Martin shows its face on May 24.


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