Aston Martin DB9 Plug-In has 740HP

It may be a prototype for now, but one day soon an Aston Martin plug-in hybrid could be on the market.

Aston Martin purists won’t find this bit of news all that exciting, but we’re willing to bet the automaker itself is thinking differently. Bosch Engineering and Aston Martin have joined forces to build a plug-in hybrid version of the DB9. While the 6.0-liter V12 remains, in this case it’s been paired up with two electric motors that have been placed at the front wheels in order to provide additional drive force. The motors work independently of the engine and are programmed to produce negative torque to further improve handling.

This electric drive system is powered by a rear-mounted lithium-ion battery that on a single charge allows the DB9 to drive 16 miles on electric power only. Performance-wise, Bosch claims the car can go from 0-62 mph about 20 percent faster than a standard DB9 even though it weighs about 660 lbs. more. All told, the car delivers 740 horsepower. No word yet on overall fuel efficiency. The interior was also upgraded via a custom touch-screen that provides drivers updates of the hybrid system and how much juice is left in the battery. As of now, the car remains solely a prototype, but growing global fuel emissions standards may force Aston Martin to think otherwise in the near future.

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