Aston Martin DBC Concept Would Be A Radical Departure

An awesome machine or just a headache for purists?

There was once a time when Enzo Ferrari was dead set against the idea of building a mid-engine road car, finding the idea absurd, and directly opposed to what a Ferrari should be. Today, such objections seem bizarre, but not every company has been so willing to break with tradition. Right near the top of the list of those companies would have to be Aston Martin, which produces beautiful cars, but is only occasionally willing to change things too much.

A designer from Azerbaijan named Samir Sadikhov has decided that Aston could stand to change things up a bit, and has given us his vision of what a mid-engine Aston supercar would look like. The difficulty in this task was to create something which was recognizably an Aston Martin, despite the radically different layout. Certain design elements like the grille and side strakes help with this task, but something must be said for the overall clean look of the design. What do you think of the DBC? Would it be a good move, or is a mid-engine Aston blasphemy?

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