Aston Martin DBS Rear-Ended in London

As some Europeans wake up to beautiful wintery scenes, others awake to find their pride & joy bruised and battered.

As the 'Cooper' front made its way across Europe, the arctic conditions brought with it stunning scenes as well as causing mayhem with over a hundred deaths reported in the east of the continent and countless road accidents as a result of the treacherous driving conditions. At Cadogen Place, Belgravia (a posh part of London), perennial supercar snapper Shmee150 spied this unfortunate looking Aston Martin DBS, which seems to have been on the wrong end of a car losing control on the icy roads of the capital.

Apart from the picture there's not much else to go on. We can only speculate that having caused what is bound to be several thousand dollars' worth of damage the culprit exited the crime scene sharpish.

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