Aston Martin DBS Replacement to Once Again Be Called 'Vanquish'

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Because 'DBS' didn't sound sexy enough.

As the UK celebrates the Queen's Diamond Jubilee this year, we've just received some unexpected details of the upcoming Aston Martin DBS replacement. Now, we've already shown you photos of the concept in which the final production car will be based off. Not surprisingly, the updated design isn't a dramatic departure from the current car, but some of its styling details have clearly been taken from the One-77. Only thing is, it won't be called the 'DBS'.

In a scoop coming from the UK's Car Magazine, the next Aston Martin V12 will once again have the Vanquish name. The Vanquish was launched in 2001 and was built until 2007 when it was replaced by the now outgoing DBS. When the British automaker revealed its replacement concept at Ville D'Este last weekend, they were specific not to say what they'd be calling it. Thanks to this spy video, however, we can not only confirm the Vanquish name but also the new car's shapely rear end. Take note of the integrated spoiler, large diffuser panel, a sleeker looking taillight design, and, of course, the 'Vanquish' emblem.

Aston Martin hasn't commented just yet, but with this image getting leaked, we expect to hear from them sometime soon to confirm.

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