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Aston Martin DBS Special Edition One of Two Novelties in the Making

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The Ultimate Edition of the DBS and a 550hp car is expected.

Aston Martin has been present in the gossip columns over the last few days because of two cars: an unspecified 550hp machine and the expected last edition of the DBS, with a new DBS expected to launch by next year. The current DBS production will end with a crescendo of a 100 cars, dubbed the Ultimate Edition, boasting a bespoke paint that was seen on the DBS Carbon Black special edition from 2010. 50 man hours according to Aston Martin are needed to apply that paint to the aluminum sheets.

With it the car looks as mysterious as an Aston should be, however neither improvements nor enhancements are expected to any of the car's core components, i.e. engine, suspension, or brakes, according to Car and Driver. Another rumor has it that Aston Martin will come up with a 550hp machine, though it is still not clear whether it's the DB9 or the DBS. If it turns out to be the latter, than that's an upgrade of 40hp, less than 10% of its current output. However a 550hp DB9 would represent an 80hp or 17% output increase. We wait with bated breath to see which of these two options will materialize.

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