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Aston Martin DBX Could Have Something Naughty Coming


If so, it'd be the first SUV to offer this.

It seems all automakers these days, mainstream, luxury, and high-performance, are all launching SUVs. Whether this SUV craze will fade out anytime soon remains unknown, but for now there’s money to be made. Like Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Porsche, Lamborghini, and in the near future Ferrari, Aston Martin is also about to enter the SUV field with its DBX.

Now, given the fact the DBX is not by any means the first of its kind, Aston Martin is fully aware its SUV must not only do things better than its competitors but also offer some sort of added value, something the others currently lack. Speaking with Australia’s CarAdvice, Aston Martin senior manager of vehicle dynamics, Ian Hartley, stated the automaker is currently examining the possibility of adding drift mode to the DBX.

"It’s not a difficult question really,” he said regarding drift mode. "It’s a ‘never-say-never’ thing… Who wouldn’t want to see a drift mode? I am all for drift mode.” But wait, isn’t the DBX going to feature a permanent all-wheel drive system? Yes, but this system is also capable of varying torque splits. "It’s four-wheel drive, but we might be able to vary rear, or front to rear,” Hartley added.

Although nothing can be fully confirmed at this time, it sure sounds like Aston Martin is cooking up some sort of adjustable AWD system which can send power to the rear axle. This would surely allow owners to drift, making the DBX the first SUV to offer this feature.

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A few years ago we probably would not have given much thought to a drift-capable SUV, but things are very different today. Aston Martin needs to continue giving the DBX some sort of competitive edge going forward, and adding drift mode could do the trick. Furthermore, the DBX is expected to have the Mercedes-AMG-built twin-turbo V8 under its hood, the very same engine powering the Vantage, where it produces 503 hp and 505 lb-ft of torque. A drift-capable Aston Martin DBX? No complaints there.